About Me

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. I play video games, photograph and write stories when inspired. I love to read and collect comics, not to mention cosplay with my friends. I'm also Bilingual, Spanish being my native language, fluent in English and beginning to learn Italian. What I enjoy the most is traveling to new places and networking.

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IEEE Women in Engineering

Member since 2014, the IEEE WIE UPRM is a student organization focusing on increasing the percentage of women in engineering fields. Throughout the years I've assumed various positions until finally holding the title of president. As president, I'm responsible for managing the affinity group and networking with other organizations to collaborate to impact a greater audience. In addition, I organize the Engineering Workshop and Star Program outreach activities that encourage high school students to pursue engineering careers.

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Website Development

Presently, I created and maintain various websites. Most are coded from scratch in HTML/CSS and Bootstrap. Others are maintained and edited using Wordpress. To learn more about the websites I'm in charge please check the Web Developing tab.

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UPRM Hacks App Inventor Camp

Mentored two teams in the process of designing and building their Android applications using MIT App Inventor Platform. In addition to orienting the high school students of the difference between the computing engineering degrees at UPRM. Also in charge of photographing the event and maintaining the website.

Hacks Camp

Caribbean Celebration of Women in Computing

Helped with the dynamics of the event. In charged of photographing each activity and maintaining the social networks. Also presented along with Diva L. Mockford the Discrimination in the Video Game Industry. It was centered on how sexism has manifested itself in the gaming industry and community throughout the years.


Percentages of Women in Engineering Fields at UPRM

Each semester I gather the information of the enrollment of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez in order to create graphics that indicate the percentages of women in engineering fields. You can find the graphics here.


Social Media

If you want to learn more about me, just follow me on any of my social networks accounts. There, I'll post events, scholarships and internship opportunities.