Web Developing

The following are websites I have created or maintain.


Personal website first started managing since July 2014. I own the server, domain, and manage it. Since it's creation is has gone through three different styles. However, the color scheme and font has stayed the same. This version is created using HTML/CSS and Bootstrap.

UPRM Hacks App Inventor Camp

Currently in charge of maintaining and updating the website through WordPress. For each edition of the summer camp, I have to create an article and post pictures. You can find the website here: cse.uprm.edu/es/uprm-hacks-2016/

Juegos Cartesianos

As part of an Undergraduate Research group, I had to create using HTML/CSS a website for a profesor. The website will work as a platform for elemental students to look and play for free educational board games that teach the Cartesian Plane. You can find the temporary hosting site here.